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Sugar Bush Squirrel® 

International Superstar 

"Grab ya nuts and follow me..."

Squirrel Photography, Cards, Plush, Calendars, Puzzles, Poetry, Photographs, ePals and more...


Sugar Bush Squirrel - The World's Most Photographed Squirrel    

Sugar Bush Squirrel  is a real, live Eastern Gray Squirrel who is owned and photographed by  Ms. Kelly Foxton. Rescued, as a baby in her nest, from a tree which was being cut down, she is now living the 'good life' with Kelly in Boca Raton, Florida. A small, lime-green parrot, named Rio, is her big sister and constant companion.

Being an International Superstar and The World's Most Photographed Squirrel, Sugar Bush loves to dress up, and has over 4,000 outfits with matching hats and accessories. Sugar Bush Squirrel has her own, posh studio with 7 elaborate stages, tens of thousands of stage props, and has posed for over 6,000 photos since her modeling career began.  Also included in her studio is a huge green screen & blue screen video stage with multiple cameras and state of the art sound studio for recording her 'vocals'.

As News Anchor of SNN-The Squirrel News Network, she has turned the catch phrase, 'you've been squirreled' into an overnight success. It is fast becoming her very own, international, household expression.

Keep watching and you will find her on everything from glossy photos, greeting cards, calendars, TV Shows, children's books, pop culture books, paper dolls, a stuffed animal with an elaborate wardrobe, coffee table books, coloring books, all social networking, thousands of blogs, advertisements, billboards, buses, magazines, newspapers, webnews to military photos for our troops!

And now... sit back and enjoy the world of

                                                Sugar Bush Squirrel...


Welcome to my Homepage.  I hope you enjoy taking a trip into my world!  

When you finish my homepage don't forget to check out my other pages.  Just click on them over on the left side.  Have fun and don't forget to drop me a note.


Sugar Bush Squirrel

Burgundy Winter Wardrobe

Sugar Bush Squirrel's Web Site

Fiddler on the Roof

Fiddler on the Roof

"Hi everybody, Sugar Bush Squirrel here.  

Boca Raton Couture collection BocaGoneWild

We have worked for two years on aBoca Raton Couture new Sewing and Design Studio to handcraft Sugar Bush's squirrel couture clothing line, made here in America, which will be on sale in early spring/summer 2022. The Bushy Tail Boutique, with manufactured outfits, will still be listed for the sale of novelty clothing for Sugar Bush's plush.

We are writing to all of you this note of thanks for 20 years of unbelievable patronage to our web site! Our studios have worked loyally all 20 years through Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year holidays to bring you Sugar Bush's beloved calendars, pictures and greeting cards. 

The past two years with the covid lockdown and now in 2021 with supply chain delays and difficulty in finding and acquiring merchandise and supplies of the quality and standards our business demands, we are choosing to cease production of all printed products for Sugar Bush Squirrel.  Therefore, with great sadness we will no longer sell greeting cards, pictures or calendars. Temporary or long term, we do not know, but for now, as of November 20th, our web site will stop sales of all printed materials. 

We will, however, continue to sell Sugar Bush Squirrel plush stuffed animals. Their volume and quality has remained steadfast all these years and our suppliers have always been there for us 24/7.  Our new line, Boca Raton Couture, will design and handcraft couture clothing for Sugar Bush's plush stuffed animal and couture clothing for dolls as well, with emphasis on Blythe, Bratz, Barbie and Fashion Royalty. Boca Raton Couture will consist of one of a kind finely constructed doll and stuffed animal outfits, handcrafted in our Sewing and Design Studio here in Boca Raton, Florida, U.S.A.

We will continue to sell a few older outfits for Sugar Bush's plush until the outfits are no longer available. We will be adding some new novelty designs, on a limited basis from time to time, in the Bushy Tail Boutique. 

The Sugar Bush Squirrel web site will be rennovated to display all changes in the near future and new posts will be added periodically. 

Once again, THANK YOU ALL for your undying loyalty all these years and we promise the changes we make will be of the highest quality and the best of the best the USA can provide.  

Love and light, Kelly Foxton and Sugar Bush Squirrel




Royal Canadian Mounted PoliceSugar Bush in her studioPresident Donald J. Trump

Sugar Bush in Hazmat suit

Sugar Bush Squirrel has put on her hazmat suit to help fight the coronavirus in Boca Raton, Florida.

Millions of people have contracted the virus and hazmat workers all over the world are joining forces to put an end to this tragic situation. 

The Absolutely Fedorable Sugar Bush Squirrel

Remember to Vote in November!

2021  was a really GOOD YEAR  for Sugar Bush Squirrel!

Thanks everybody for your support!

A Really Good Year for Sugar Bush Squirrel

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Don't forget to visit Sugar Bush's Pinterest Boards.  With close to 24,000 followers, 1800 contributors and her very own public Pin Pals of Sugar Bush Squirrel Board with more than 150,000 pins you can have hours of fun hanging out with Sugar Bush and Kelly on Pinterest.  

See ya there...





Alex Tree-Bek

Alex Tree-bek that's a snazzy lookin' jacket you got there!

We, here at Sugar Bush Squirrel, were so sad to hear about Alex Trebek's passing.  Alex, from all the gang here at Sugar Bush Studios, we sure will miss you!

Nutstradamus Quetzsquirrelcoatl & the Mayan Calendar



& the Mayan Calendar

Castro is dead at 90

Cuban revolutionary icon Fidel Castro died late Friday November 25, 2016, in Havana, his brother, President Raul Castro, announced on national television.

"The commander in chief of the Cuban revolution died at 22:29 hours this evening," the president announced on national television. Fidel Castro was 90.

Castro in his hospital bed

Raul Castro, Fidel's brother announces Fidel's death


SNN Squirrel News Network           Breaking News.....

The remains of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat were exhumed from his grave on Tuesday, November 27, 2012 -- eight years after his death at age 75 — as part of an investigation into allegations that he was poisoned, according to official Palestinian radio.

Arafat's body was uncovered in its grave and samples were removed without having to lift the corpse from the ground. As a result, a planned reburial ceremony with full military honors was called off.

The tomb was resealed in hours and wreaths were placed by Palestinian leaders including Prime Minister Salam Fayyad.


King Nut

King Nut squirreled away all his treasures!

My favorite moment of 2011


Flower Squirrel at the Royal Wedding

Sugar Bush Squirrel

Flower Squirrel for the Royal Wedding

Sugar Bush's favorite moment of 2011 ... Kate and William asked Sugar Bush Squirrel to fly to London and be their Flower Squirrel in their wedding on April 29th. Above is the Royal Portrait of Sugar Bush in her floral hat that Kate gave her to wear for the occasion. She rode in the Royal Carriage and walked down the aisle just in front of Kate's feet. When asked by the BBC to make a comment Sugar Bush said, "I know all of the world will be looking at Catherine's face and dress but don't forget to look down and see me. I'll be pretty, too!"

Want to build your very own web site just like mine?  Then click on my picture below of me at my computer and go to's Facebook page to find out how easy it is to do what I've done with my web site...

Sugar Bush at the computer

"Orders for stuffed animals are coming in faster than a proton in a particle accelerator!"     

Sugar Bush Squirrel      as                

Albert Einstein (Gnawledge is my middle name)

Sugar Bush Squirrel as Einstein






Here are three of my new billboards in Washington DC.  Sugar Bush says, " rocks!" and Sugar Bush Squirrel & Sugar Bush Squirrel in Washington DC & Sugar Bush Squirrel in Washington DC

Ride on!


It's like Forrest Stump always says,

"Life is like a box o' chocolates.  You never know when you're gonna get a nut!"

Forrest Stump


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follow Sugar Bush and Kelly's favorite things on their pin-up boards

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Hi, Sugar Bush Squirrel here launching my Campaign against litter worldwide!

 I, Sugar Bush Squirrel, am launching my Campaign Against Litter worldwide!

"PLEASE, Don't Throw Litter On Us Critters!"


Don't throw litter on us critters!

SNN Squirrel News Network SPU (Space Probe Unit) announces...

Sugar Bush Squirrel launched her space shuttle into space on a secret mission. After a stop at the space station, the destination was top secret for Sugar Bush's shuttle flight. Paparazzi have been on her tail for weeks trying to find out her plans but today her space shuttle landed with Atlantis and no one knows where she went after she left the space station. Little do they know that I am training to be in Trump's Space Force!!!


Sugar Bush Squirrel Shuttle Commander

SNN Breaking News...ding, dong, the witch is dead...

Sugar Bush Squirrel has killed Osama bin Laden! 

Along with Navy Seals, CIA, ground forces and helicopter teams, Sugar Bush Squirrel and Special Forces were dropped into a suspicious compound in Pakistan where the evil bin Laden was taken down with one bullet to the head.  Sugar Bush is giving out no other details at this time but we do know from DNA testing that it was definitely bin Laden who was killed.  Right after the royal wedding (in which Sugar Bush was the flower squirrel) our fearless hero squirrel was flown out immediately to join the final rendevous for America's most wanted man.  After years of going undercover to search for Osama bin Laden Sugar Bush Squirrel says, " I'm glad that's over and I hope it'll take a big bite out of terrorism, but you all have to remember that just because the wicked witch is dead doesn't mean we're back in Kansas or safe at home."  

Sugar Bush drops into bin Laden's compound Sugar Bush Squirrel has been undercover searching for Osama bin Laden for years

                            Semper Fur

                         and God Bless the United States of America

"I finally graduated and I still don't know jack!"

Graduated & don't know jack

Haiku Squirrel

Haiku Squirrel

Sugar Bush Squirrel dabbles in Haiku (pronounced Hi koo), an ancient form of verse from nature.  Of course, Sugar Bush takes her own poetic license and strays from the norm!

Pecan pie                                                          Groundhog peeks out                             Don't walk barefoot

Cooling on the window sill                               February 3rd                                           Beware

Squirrels plotting their next move...                 Nobody cares!                                        The blades of grass!



Skeletons are in my closet                              I hung our dirty                                      Hundreds of flowers

But I've forgotten                                           Laundry out                                            Just ripe for the taking

Who they are.                                                  And no one even noticed.                       But the butterfly died.



Under the lamp post                                      Escaping at night                                      That which I feared

Two moths dance...                                       From behind the bars...                              Is here...

Light not wasted                                           The prisoner's mind.                                  ...HELLO!



A horn on his nose                                         She died from the gunshot                         My wedding veil

But he can't play a note...                              With bloodstained hands...                         Packed away...

Rhinoceros.                                                    At least the doctor tried!                            With our vows!


All of Sugar Bush's Haiku is copyrighted and property of Foxton Industries, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Sugar Bush Squirrel's

'College Daze'

84 sweaters and hoodies of your favorite colleges on Sugar Bush's plush squirrel

The hoodie Sugar Bush is wearing in the photo below is of the 2009/2011/2012 Football National Champions... Alabama...Roll Tide! 

Click here or on the photo below to go to the College Daze page to order yours now!

College Daze with Sugar Bush Squirrel

Sugar Bush says,

"Let's not get caught with our pints down!"

Join Sugar Bush Squirrel's

+ Red Cross Blood Drive +




Let's not get caught with our pints down
You need to donate blood today

"The Red Cross needs YOU to donate blood today!"

Red Cross Drive



SNN Squirrel News Network  has just received this photo. It's from the baby album of our very own anchor Sugar Bush Squirrel. 

Here Sugar Bush turns the tables on the sport of 'squirrel hunting'.


Sugar Bush is Squirrel Hunting

Sugar Bush is on Easter Island for Easter

Hi folks,  I spent Easter on Easter Island this year.  Wow!  Weird!

SNN Squirrel News Network Breaking News...

The Thriller is Gone

Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, has died at the age of 50 from an apparent drug overdose.      

Michael Jackson Dead at 50

The only difference between medicine and poison is the dose

Click on my biker photo below to join me on my brand new FACEBOOK page

SNN Squirrel News Network

Sugar Bush Squirrel guards one of the size 10 shoes that was hurled at President Bush in Iraq.  Muntadar al-Zeidi, a correspondent for Al-Baghdadia TV, threw the shoes at President Bush while yelling, "This is a farewell kiss, Dog."  Sugar Bush Squirrel, on guard duty yelled back while holding up her weapon, "Kiss this, al-Zeidi!" 

Sugar Bush Squirrel guards one of the shoes in Iraq

SNN Squirrel News Network's roving political reporters caught up with Joe the Plumber hard at work.   

Joe had this comment, "Oooh! It looks like somebody's been spreadin' something around besides the wealth!"

Joe the Plumber


SNN Squirrel News Network Political Commentary...

Sugar Bush Squirrel speaks out:

"Read My Lipstick!

Forget about the pig and the pit bull...there's nothing cuter than lipstick on a squirrel!!!"

Lipstick on a squirrel

SNN Squirrel News Network...

captured this photo today of Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin, more affectionately known as Sarah-cuda, as she was overheard saying,"I don't need no stinkin' jet.  I've got my own transportation here and I've got my hammers ready.  Just show me the way to that glass ceiling!"

Sarah Palin hunts for that glass ceiling

People just can't get enough of my fuzzy little face & fabulous outfits...


2013 Calendars are ready NOW!

Welcome to  

The Smokin' Skillet

The Alfur & Omega of Chefs...Sugar Bush

SNN Squirrel News Network

Major Announcement

February 24, 2008

After 49 years as ruler of Cuba, Castro has stepped down  and his younger brother, Raul, has taken over as leader.

Fidel Castro turns leadership of Cuba over to his brother, Raul


Independent Presidential Candidate Sugar Bush Squirrel closely watches the voting results on Super Tuesday. 

Checking it all out to see which Republican, Democrat & Independent will be running against her, Sugar Bush keeps tabs on which states are confused and can't decide which candidate to vote for so she can do more stumpin' and whistlin' in those particular states.

Independent Presidential Candidate Sugar Bush Squirrel closely watches voting results on Super Tuesday

Super Bowl XLII best seat in the house

Sugar Bush Squirrel watches Super Bowl XLII   from home 

This past week a director, a producer and an entire camera and sound crew flew in to Boca Raton, Florida, from Hollywood, California, to film 'Sugar Bush Squirrel: The Documentary'. Sugar Bush said today that she was just too exhausted to fly out & watch the Super Bowl from her box seats this year and chose to sit this one out at home in her favorite rocker.

SNN Squirrel News Network News Flash

Benazir Bhutto has been assassinated...

Benazir Bhutto 6/21/53 - 12/27/07

Benazir Bhutto 6/21/53 - 12/27/07 

Opposition leader, Benazir Bhutto, was assassinated in Pakistan on December 27th, just 2 months after her triumphant return from exile. Sugar Bush Squirrel and the SNN Squirrel News Network send their condolences to her family and followers.

SNN French News...

'Virgin' Busted on Wedding Night

SNN Squirrel News Network has just acquired this information from Paris:

The bride said she was a virgin but on her wedding night her new husband discovered it was a lie. He took her to court to annul the marriage — and a French judge agreed.

The ruling ended the Muslim couple's union but has the French community's thongs in a bunch. One was heard saying, 'our much-cherished secular values are losing ground to cultural traditions from its fast-growing immigrant communities'.

Muslim women have a long-held custom demanding proof of virginity on the wedding night.

France a few years ago passed a law banning Muslim headscarves from classrooms, a move that caused a hissy fit in the Muslim world.

Now another law is being used to condone the custom requiring a woman to enter marriage as a virgin, and prove it.  This time in Paris...Oops! Busted!

French Virgin Busted on Wedding Night

The Littlest Furfighter

Sugar Bush Squirrel

The Littlest Furfighter

Sugar Bush Squirrel, The Littlest Furfighter, suited up and joined firefighters to help put out the wildfires that were out of control and sweeping across Southern California.  Now that the fires have been extinguished, Sugar Bush is on her way home to Boca Raton, Florida.

The Littlest Furfighter The Littlest Furfighter

Southern California wildfire

Shut Up!!!                                  Meooowww!!! 

Sugar Bush Squirrel was recently a featured guest on the fantastic new TV show on the TLC Channel, Fashionably Late with Stacy London.  Here Stacy London has been squirreled in Sugar Bush's own version called

Fashionutly Late!

It's a squirrels' night out worth staying in for!

Stacy London Fashionutly Late

Squirrel Massage

Grab a soothing massage and then take a leisurely stroll through my brand new

Bushy Tail Boutique! 

The Bushy Tail Boutique

The Bushy Tail Boutique

Click on any of Sugar Bush's plush animals with their outfits below to go directly to

The Bushy Tail Boutique

Squirrels in the Hoodie Mardi Gras Gnawty Nurse

Squirrels in the Hoodie

(yellow shoes no longer available)

   Mardi Gras

SOLD OUT & Discontinued

     Gnawty Nurse


Hollywood Director Dr. Gnawbonz Gnawtical but Nice

Hollywood Director

          Dr. Gnawbonz

          SOLD OUT

Gnawtical but Nice

Gnaw 'n Order Cop Squirrel Hunter Green Sweater Astronut

Gnaw 'n Order Cop

New Uniform photo coming shortly


        Squirrel Hunter Green Sweater

        with Red T-Strap shoes


Space Shuttle (limited supply)

Brokenut Mountain Cowboy Squirrelduggery the Pirate Treasure Chest Trunk Set

Brokenut Mountain Cowboy

To see more photos of the one and only, Sugar Bush Squirrel, keep scrolling...

Ahhhhh...Another Day in Paradise! 

Greetings from my secluded beach hideaway on an undisclosed island in the South Pacific. I'll be spending the summer here in my new yellow sandals before returning to Boca Raton and getting back to work in my studio for the fall and winter season.  The squirrels back in Boca are working on some great stuff for fall including lots of new greeting cards and lots of new outfits for my 6" stuffed animal.  Check out the very first fashions of an entire collection of clothing and accessories for my stuffed animal in The Bushy Tail Boutique.  

I'll be back soon...  Till then, balmy breezes to you! Sugar Bush 

On the beach in yellow sandals

Click below to check out the latest video of me on YouTube

Hope all of you are enjoying your summer as much as I'm enjoying my new yellow sandals!  It's great here in the South Pacific but I'm looking forward to getting back home and getting back to work this fall...see you then!

Sugar Bush Squirrel takes Seattle by Storm!

With huge billboards and on buses all over Seattle, Washington, and all surrounding counties, Sugar Bush has been named the mascot for Sound Transit for a year!  She's taking their minds off traffic.

Check out these shots of her billboards and buses...

Sugar Bush takes Seattle by storm
Sugar Bush's Bee photo on a huge billboard in Seattle
Sugar Bush on Buses for Seattle's mass transit company

Sugar Bush takes a siesta

" I think I need a siesta after all that work!"

(from the Sugar Bush Squirrel baby album)

Hey, Sugar Bush!  Now that you're a Superstar and it's a new year, what are you gonna to do next?

Sugar Bush Squirrel says,

"I'm goin' to Disney World!"

fireworks Happy Presidents' Day fireworks

W at his desk in the oval office

Dubya has been squirreled in the Oval Office

Click here to see Dubya's Presidents' Day Celebration

Mt. Rushnut

Colts win 29 - 17

SNN Sports Special

The Indianapolis Colts have won their second Super Bowl as Peyton Manning holds on to win 29 to 17 and to bring the Vince Lombardi Trophy home to Indy.  The Chicago Bears suffered turnovers and 20 of 28 passes for only 165 yards.  Sunny south Florida opened up a steady drizzle making Super Bowl XLI the first Super Bowl in history to be played in the rain.  From her posh and dry personal box seat at Dolphin Stadium, Sugar Bush Squirrel watched every play and sends her best to both teams for an exciting game!

Bears had too many interceptions but played hard Chicago's coach tells Sugar Bush that it doesn't look too good for his Bears
Watches Peyton Manning win XLI

God Bless America

Tears run from the eyes of U.S. President George W. Bush and Sugar Bush Squirrel during a ceremony in honor of Medal of Honor winner Marine Cpl. Jason Dunham in the East room of the White House in Washington, January 11, 2007. Cpl. Dunham was killed when he jumped on a grenade to save fellow members of his Marine patrol while serving in Iraq. 

President Bush crys for a fallen Marine Sugar Bush Squirrel cries for a fallen Marine

Sugar Bush salutes our fallen heroes

Alright, Listen Up, Americans... or anybody who wants to be an American...

Veterans Day will come and go but Sugar Bush Squirrel thinks...


Click on my Military Police shot to the right to go to my Military Hero Page and don't ever forget the men and women who risk their lives for us 24/7... present, retired or deceased!!!

Here's my

Photo Salute to the Military

A spiral of military related photos...just click on each photo to see it up close!

Semper Fur Still Undercover Air Force

USN Navy Chopper Pilot Prays for the Troops

Go to The Military Hero Page to see and order

Sugar Bush Squirrel's

Military Notecards... 

Just Click Here

SNN - Squirrel News Network... News Flash...

Saddam Hussein, The Butcher of Baghdad, has been executed for heinous crimes against humanity.  He was hanged in Iraq at daybreak, December 30, 2006.

Saddam Hussein is dead

Saddam to be hanged

SNN News...

As Saddam Hussein was sweating it out in his cell reflecting on the heinous crimes he had committed, Sugar Bush Squirrel was volunteering for sentry duty and inspecting the gallows before the punishment was finally carried out.  Hussein was hanged in Iraq, December 30, 2006.

Sugar Bush inspects Saddam's Gallows

Italian Suit

Check out my brand new MySpace and become a friend of Sugar Bush Squirrel's.  Just click here: 

or on the new photo of me in my Italian Pin Striped Suit. 

Squirrel On...Apply directly to your nuts!

SNN Cuban Correspondent...

Castro is still alive.  Rumors have been swirling around former Cuban President Fidel Castro with stories of his demise but one of Squirrel News Network's Cuban Undercover Agents slipped into his hospital room last night and snapped this photo of the Cuban leader who, as you can see, is alive and well and ready to jump into his boots and arm himself if need be. 

Castro Close-up
Castro in Hospital Bed in Cuba

Jamaican me crazy

Our SNN Squirrel News Network Caribbean Correspondent caught up with Sugar Bush hiding out for Thanksgiving in Jamaica. 

This Superstar Squirrel thought being incognito with dreadlocks would fool the snappers from interrupting her island-hopping vacation but once the stalkerazzi 'got a bead' on her it was 'no problem, mon' to get this stupendous snapshot! Sugar Bush told one paparazzi, "Jamaican me crazy!" 

SNN Celebrity Chatter...

Michael Jackson is making a comeback with the Rap Group 'Blackeye Peas'...our SNN Sleuth has found out that the CD tracks are already 'in the can'...

Michael Jackson and Will.i.Am rehearse with the rap group Blackeye Peas in Ireland
Squirrel News Network Celebrity Chatter has it that Michael is collaborating in a music studio (in Ireland) with Will.I.Am and the Rap Group 'Blackeye Peas'.  SNN has acquired this exclusive photo secretly taken inside the studio where the King of Pop and Will.I.Am and his 'Blackeye Peas' are rehearsing for an upcoming CD.  SNN Celebrity Chatter has learned that Michael Jackson will be making the announcement formally on Thursday, but our SNN Sleuth found out that the completed CD tracks are already 'in the can' heard it here first!

Sugar Bush snaps a UFO

SNN Scientific Phenomenon...  Could Aliens be trying to contact Sugar Bush Squirrel???

The only known cell phone photo that was taken in Chicago of the recent UFO sighting was shot by Sugar Bush Squirrel who was substituting for a friend on American Airlines as a Flight Attendant.  Sugar Bush just happened to have her cell phone handy and snapped a shot of the UFO and all of the scienctific community is shocked at what they saw on the photograph.  A green alien was holding a sign that read, "Hello Sugar Bush Squirrel. Want to contact you. Your friendly Aliens from the planet Uranut."  Sugar Bush was asked to take her phone immediately to NASA so they could test the shot for authenticity.  In the photo below you can see her cell phone in her flight bag as she carries it to the Space Lab.  It was probably just some of her fans playing a trick on her because they all knew she was on that flight.  We'll have to wait and see.  Check out the cell phone photo for yourself below. We enlarged it so you could see it here first.    

NASA wants to see Sugar Bush's cell phone photo of the Alien
Alien being wants to meet with Sugar Bush Squirrel

Sugar Bush hides a nut for the winter

Sugar Bush Squirrel says,

"Bet you wish you had an easy button like mine!  How do you think I do all of this stuff?"

That was easy!

You know, we hear so much in the news about 'boots on the ground' and 'planes in the sky' but Sugar Bush wants to make sure we honor the men and women 'on the seas', too.  Don't forget our US Navy and all of our Naval Coalition Forces in this war on terror. 

"Safe Harbors Help Provide Safe Homes," says Sugar Bush Squirrel.

Anchors Aweigh

Navy vs Army Army vs Navy

SNN Squirrel News Network Sports hopes everyone enjoyed the Army-Navy Football game Saturday, Dec. 2...

The Navy Midshipmen held on to win over the Army Black Knights 26-14.  Congrats to the Navy!  You can always count on this game for excitement and nail biting action and this year was no exception.  See you guys next year.

Top Gun Ties the Knot in Rome

SNN's Roving Rome Reporter snapped this shot of Tom Cruise.  He flew over to Italy alone to make final preparations for the wedding which took place on Saturday November 18th. They exchanged vows in a castle but in our exclusive photo below Tom was seen checking out how a table for the reception would look at the Coliseum in Rome.  Evidently that location didn't work out because they decided to keep everything secluded from the public's view.  TomKat and TomKitten joined him in Rome for the Scientology wedding and no one is sure about a honeymoon.   Who knows... It's hard to keep up with them.  We know Tom's happy because in our photo of him below it looks as if his little foot is jumping up and down just like he was jumping up and down on Oprah's couch!


TomKat tie the knot

SNN's own Sugar Bush Squirrel after demanding an apology from Senator John Kerry for his outrageous remarks on the education of our military finally got that apology at 4:17 PM.  In Senator Kerry's remarks he insinuated, more or less, that 'if you don't get an education you'll end up stuck in Iraq.'  Below we see a photo of one of our soldiers in Iraq with a sign mocking Senator Kerry's ridiculous comments...
We is stuk in Irak

Here are the facts, Senator Kerry:

Our armed forces are better educated than the general population.  We have the best equipped and best educated troops in the world.  99.3% are high school grads or equivalent while only 88.1% of US civilians have the same.  97.5% of our commissioned officers have college degrees while only 56.9% of the general population have the same. 


SNN Breaking News...

Our own Sugar Bush Squirrel, in a surprise announcement this afternoon on the nationally syndicated Tammy Bruce Radio Talk Show out of Los Angeles, shocked the whole nation with the news that she will be the first squirrel to run for President of the United States.

With her campaign headquarters buzzing tonight in Boca Raton, Florida, she ran into a real problem when throwing her hat into the ring.  She wears so many different hats that she filled the ring up, causing alarm from both Republican and Democratic party officials who feared their candidates wouldn't have room in the ring for their few hats come May.  Sugar Bush said she'd make room for them and removed a couple of hats before throwing in her Uncle Sam hat which she wears on her official campaign poster. 

Sugar Bush's Eastern Gray Party is new and she is announcing her candidacy early so the whole nation can become more familiar with her no-nonsense and common sense approach to politics before the other candidates finally jump on the bandwagon next May.  Keep watching for her stump speeches and whistle-stops as she campaigns across the country.  And don't  be surprised if Mt. Rushmore is renamed Mt. Rushnut come 2008. 

Sugar Bush Squirrel for President 2008
Official Campaign Poster Sugar Bush throws her hat in the ring

Sugar Bush Squirrel's First Official Presidential Campaign Poster

Presidential candidate, Sugar Bush Squirrel, throws all of her hats in the ring

Republican Party Logo The Eastern Gray Party Logo Democratic Party Logo

Eastern Gray Party Candidate

SNN Squirrel News Network (on October 28th, 2006) wishes a Happy 120th Birthday to The Statue of Liberty...
Statue of Liberty

As a presidential candidate on the Eastern Gray Party ticket I've been asked to give my stand on the issue of immigration.  As you know I take a no-nonsense and common sense approach to solutions to today's problems.  My stand on immigration could not be more clear than in the words of President Theodore Roosevelt in 1907.  Read his lips and you'll be reading mine:

"In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin.  BUT this is predicated upon the person's becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American...There can be no divided allegiance here.  Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn't an American at all.  We have room for but one flag, the American flag...We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language, and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people."

SNN Squirrel News Network Obituaries

Squirrels and people alike are mourning the loss of our devoted President of The Squirrel Lovers' Club, Gregg Bassett.  The photo below was taken just this August, 2008.  Here Sugar Bush Squirrel (right), finally got to meet Happy (left), Gregg's beloved pet squirrel of 11 years.  Happy is absolutely adorable and is missing Gregg as are we all! We are all better off having had such a wonderful animal loving person in our midst.  God bless you Gregg and your lovely wife Kathy in her time of grief.

Happy & Sugar Bush meet in August 2008

Kelly & Porter

SNN Obituaries

Kelly's lost another friend.  Sunday, October 28th, 2007, country music star Porter Wagoner died from lung cancer.  Kelly & Porter performed on many shows together and were great friends.  Kelly's best memory of Porter was when they used to sit and talk about his nights out on the lake with his dogs fishing.  He said that's when he was the happiest.  Show business takes its toll and the peace and quiet of the lake at night was what brought him the kind of solitude that's so hard to find.  We'll all miss you, Porter!

SNN Obituaries

President Gerald Ford has passed away Tuesday, December 26, 2006, at the age of 93.  His wife Betty Ford made the announcement.  Ford, who served 895 days in the White House and was Nixon's hand-picked successor, was the longest living President and had been living in Rancho Mirage, California.  All of us at SNN extend our sympathies to the Ford family.  He was truly a great man.

Mourning the death of former President Gerald Ford

SNN Obituaries

Barbara McNair, a pioneering African-American singer-actress who hosted her own TV variety show and starred with Sidney Poitier and Elvis Presley in the late 60's and early 70s, has died. She was 72.

McNair died Sunday in Los Angeles after a battle with throat cancer, her sister, Jacqueline Gaither, said.

The photo below is of Barbara McNair and Kelly Foxton at one of the many celebrity tennis matches where they performed together to raise money for charities.  Kelly said, "Barbara was a dear friend and will be greatly missed by all of us."

The Entertainment Industry has lost one of its greats

SNN Top Story...

The whole world is mourning the sudden death of 44 year old Steve Irwin, The Crocodile Hunter and owner of The Australia Zoo.  Steve was killed while filming off of the remote coast of northeastern Queensland state.  The segment he was shooting was called 'Ocean's Deadliest' which proved to be true as he swam too close on top of a stingray and the barb on the stingray's tail entered his ribcage and pierced his heart.  He leaves behind his beautiful wife, Terri, and two children, Bindi Sue 8 and Bob who will be 3 in December.

Sugar Bush Squirrel's Tribute to Steve Irwin The Crocodile Hunter

SNN Squirrel News Network's own Sugar Bush Squirrel wins The Nutbell Peace Prize...

Sugar Bush Squirrel of the United States of America has just been awarded the Nutbell Peace Prize for her work in helping rid the world of terrorism.  This photo was snapped just after the announcement in Oslo, Norway, where the prize was given to her in the Nutbell Wing of the Nobel Institute. 

She stopped in Oslo only briefly on her way to Pakistan where she will be searching for Osama bin Laden in the northern region around the border with China.  She received a tip that he had been spotted there in the last few days.  She'll also be doing some mountain climbing while there as the K2 Summit is a challenge she just can't pass up. 


Sugar Bush wins the Nutbell Peace Prize

Squirrel News Network has very auspicious news from Japan...Princess Kiko has given birth to a baby boy (third in line for the Chrysanthemum Throne)...

Princess Kiko and her newborn baby & heir to the throne

Wednesday, September 6, 2006, at 8:27 AM, Princess Kiko, 39, gave birth by Caesarean section to a little 5 pound 10 ounce boy at Tokyo's elite Aiiku Hospital.  He will be named days after birth.  It brings to an end a 41 year wait for a male heir to the Chrysanthemum Throne, the oldest monarchy in the world with 125 unbroken generations. 

He will be third in line for the throne.  Here's his immediate family:

Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko, Crowned Prince Naruhito his wife Princess Masako and daughter Aiko, Prince Akishino and wife Princess Kiko and their two daughters (and older sisters to the new baby) Princesses Mako and Kako   

Sugar Bush Squirrel thinks they should name the new baby, Rio, after her big sister. It fits:

Akihito, Michiko, Naruhito, Masako, Aiko, Akishino, Kiko, Mako, Kako, Rio, PERFECT!

SNN Sports...

Get these stats:

Florida Marlins played with 21 rookies this year

Florida Marlins had lowest payroll in baseball, under $14.5 million

Anibal Sanchez, 22 year old rookie pitcher from Venezuela, pitched his 1st complete game

It was his 1st shut-out

And, by golly, it was a No-Hitter!!!

Congrats to Sanchez

on a thrilling game 9-6-2006

Sanchez, you've been squirreled...

Anibal Sanchez Florida Marlins Rookie poses on the mound after pitching a no-hitter Sept. 6, 2006

SNN exclusive baby photo of Suri Cruise...
Suri Cruise in her antique Madame Alexander crib
Suri Cruise (daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes) was born April 18, 2006, but had never appeared in any published photographs prompting speculation about her very existence.  But, as you can see, Suri is alive and well here in her little antique Madame Alexander crib already surrounded by what could possibly be Scientology paraphernalia.  Looking closely you can see the resemblance to both parents with her dark hair and big black eyes.  Welcome to the world, little Suri!

SNN News from Boulder, Colorado

...John Mark Karr cleared in the murder case of JonBenet Ramsey...

JonBenet Ramsey Tribute Photo

John Mark Karr, 41, who was arrested in the murder case of 6 year old beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey, will not be charged in the case. He was brought to Boulder, Colorado, to see if his DNA matched that taken at the crime scene but his attorney said no match was found.  (Looks also like the child porn charges against Karr in California from 2001, not related to the JonBenet case,  won't hold up either partly due to the fact that Karr's confiscated personal computer was lost by authorities.)  Just one more bizarre turn of events in this little girl's sad story.


Just in time for the release of the new Jack Sparrow movie, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, Sugar Bush Squirrel has set sail on the high seas for adventures and squirrelduggery of her own. With her trusty sword she's prepared to fight off any scallywags or buccaneers who try to hornswaggle her out of her doubloons. With the Jolly Roger waving high on the mast above her, she warns all other squirrels in the Caribbean that 'Dead squirrels tell no tales'. "Ye'll be walkin' the plank if ye try to scuttle me hull or steal me booty!  Aarrgh!"

Sugar Bush the Pirate sails the high seas
Sugar Bush the Pirate jumps in the water...aargh!

SNN News Flash...

Sugar Bush Squirrel's warning to Kim Jong-il of North Korea July 4th was loud and clear, "Don't make me come over there!" Sugar Bush goes on to say, "You can't trust these North Korean guys because it's obvious that they're testing a way to launch a nuclear warhead.  After 6 tests today which included a T-2 long range missle, capable of reaching the USA but which failed 42 seconds in mid-air after lift off, our American government calls it 'provocation', but I call it an imminent threat to our allies, Japan and South Korea." Sugar Bush says face-to-face on a private computer hook-up with Kim Jong-il himself, "Don't make me come over there!"

Don't make me come over there!
Sugar Bush puts Kim in his place

Happy 4th

Happy 4th of July

The Fur,

The Proud,

The Marines

Semper Fur

Semper Fur

Sugar Bush Squirrel®

International Superstar  

starts to step from her stretch limousine but the crowd is so large and there are so many paparazzi...

Sugar Bush Squirrel The International Superstar Squirrel

...she steps back in and stands up through the sunroof to greet her fans & pawtograph seekers in Italy!!!

Sugar Bush Squirrel The Superstar Squirrel in Italy

White Hot Miami Heat

White Hot...Miami Heat

The new NBA Champions were cheered on June 20th in game 6 by the smallest member of the Miami Heat Dancers, our own Sugar Bush Squirrel, who flew back from Italy to perform in the NBA finals' halftime shows.  Congrats to Coach Pat Riley, MVP Dwayne Wade and the Fabulous 15 on a job well done!!!

Sugar Bush Squirrel Miami Heat Dancer

Spotlight on Miami Heat White Hot Miami Heat Spotlight on NBA Champions Miami Heat Fabulous 15

SNN Breaking News....

al-Zarqawi has been terminated by Sugar Bush Squirrel and Special U.S. Forces

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the al-Qaida leader who waged a bloody campaign of suicide bombings and beheadings, was killed overnight by F-16 fighter jets dropping two 500-pound bombs.  It was a long sought victory in the war in Iraq.  It has been reported that Sugar Bush Squirrel was the pilot of one of those F-16's and we will have more from her as the wire services provide more footage from Iraq. 

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi has been terminated

Operation Swarmer

SNN News from the 101st Airborne...

Operation Swarmer

Sugar Bush Squirrel, as part of Operation Swarmer, was caught on film in Iraq dropping from a helicopter with the 101st Airborne.  Around 50 helicopters dropped over 1500 troops to the ground in an area just north of Bagdhad, March 16th, in what is known as Operation Swarmer, the largest air attack in the war on terror to date.  Sugar Bush joined the troops as they went door to door in a surprise sweep of the area.  You go, Squirrel!

Sugar Bush Squirrel at Mardi Gras

Riding in parades through The French Quarter down Bourbon Street, Sugar Bush Squirrel was the hit of this year's Mardi Gras in New Orleans.  Her flashy costume and her jazz musicians stole the show in The Big Easy! 

The devasatation of Hurricane Katrina has brought new meaning to the lyrics  ... 'Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans.' 

trombone at Mardi Gras
Sugar Bush rides in a Mardi Gras parade
Sugar Bush rides in a Mardi Gras parade

Sugar Bush watches Super Bowl XL

From her own personal box seat in Detroit, Sugar Bush Squirrel monitors every play in Super Bowl XL.  Below she congratulates Jerome Bettis as the Pittsburgh Steelers win 21-10 over the Seattle Seahawks.  Sugar Bush likes both teams and said she felt they both played exceptionally well and thought the game was exciting all the way to the end.  Performing at half-time were Sugar Bush's good friends, Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones...see photo below.

Sugar Bush congratulates Jerome Bettis on the Steelers' victory and his well deserved retirement


The Rolling Stones performed at halftime

Sugar Bush Squirrel helped utility workers restore electricity and telephone service to the hurricane-ravaged Gulf Coast and has since come home to Boca Raton, Florida, to help her own utility companies in the wake of Hurricane Wilma.  Sugar Bush wants to thank everyone who's been so quick to respond to the needs of the people in America following these deadly storms.  Also, Sugar Bush and I want to thank all of you for your emails and cards of concern for our safety.  We want to insure you that we are all fine and that we sustained very little damage to our property; however, thousands of people in South Florida are dealing with considerable hardship and we are doing all we can to help them cope in their time of need. 

Sugar Bush Squirrel rushed to the Gulf Coast, after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, to help the people restore their electricity and telephone service.  As if climbing telephone poles weren't risky enough, Sugar Bush had to make sure that she carried her rifle on her shoulder at all times, as rescue workers have been fired upon by a band of wild thugs.  When asked about the danger, she said, "No big deal.  I'm used to being shot at in Iraq and Afghanistan.  I just want to help these people get their lives back in order."   You go, Squirrel!

NEWS from London....

Sugar Bush Squirrel spent 4 weeks in London to help rescue workers in the wake of the barbaric terrorists blasts that rocked the subway and bus systems.  She found a suspicious back pack at a London phone booth and immediately called in the bomb squad to defuse it. 

Sugar Bush has lots of friends in England and was devastated by these latest events.  She stayed in London and helped until the unrest was resolved.


Sugar Bush finds a suspicious looking back pack
Sugar Bush Squirrel helps Rescue Workers after London Terrorists attack July 7, 2005

'The World's Most Photographed Squirrel'

sugar bush squirrel blackjack dealer poker series sugar bush squirrel's tank attack team in Iraq

The Buzz on Sugar Bush...

The paparazzi snapped this candid shot of Sugar Bush Squirrel, the Superstar Squirrel, on the set of her movie in Italy.  Her movie has been placed on hold due to the recent attacks in London and she had to get back to the USA to help the rescue and utility workers on the Gulf Coast.  When her help is no longer needed there, she will be heading back to Afghanistan to continue her hunt for the evil bin Laden, until her movie resumes filming.

Sugar Bush on the set in Italy

fire bar Goblet of Fire
Hairy Potter & the Goblet of Fire

Dark and difficult times are ahead for Hairy.  Everything is about to change.  This is a chance for eternal glory but people die in this Triwizard Tournament...     

School of Hogwarts

House of Gryffindor

Hairy Potter

& the Goblet of Fire

                   All Harry Potter related characters & elements are trademarks of Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc.  All rights reserved.                   

Hairy Potter wizardry



This is where the fun begins:

Sugar Bush Squirrel is finally revealed as the one and only, Anutkin Squirrelwalker, The Chosen One.  Winning the battle against Obi-Wan KeNutbi, in her quest for greater power, she becomes the epitome of all evil. 

The Squirrel Wars Saga, The Final Episode, slides to the dark side...

"All the lightsaber skills can't help you escape your destiny."

"That prophecy misread, could have been."

"Over, this fight is not." 

"Strong is the dark side now!"

Anutkin Squirrelwalker with lightsaber
Anutkin Squirrelwalker slides to the dark side
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  Capt. Sugar Bush Squirrel 

of the Squirrelship Enterprise

Now that the final episode of the long running Star Trek series has ended, Trekkies from all over the world have started a massive campaign to make Sugar Bush Squirrel the Captain of the new Squirrelship Enterprise.  She is the perfect choice for the position with her vast array of knowledge in the fields of warp drive systems and planetary exploration.  Sugar Bush has already gone where no squirrel has ever gone before--to Superstardom at warp speed.  As valedictorian of her class at Squirrelfleet Academy, she is undoubtedly the top choice for the position as the new Captain.  While leading her batlith team to victory at the Academy, Sugar Bush Squirrel was so feared by the Klingons, that they coined the phrase 'it's a good day to die' all because they knew their fate going into the arena against her! 

So pick up your tri-corders, charge up your fazers and step into the transporter for a journey beyond your wildest dreams, as we explore the Final Frontier together with Capt. Sugar Bush Squirrel on the bridge.

For these are the Forages of the Squirrelship Enterprise...

Sugar Bush Captain of the Squirrel Ship
Sugar Bush finds her tri-corder

Capt. Sugar Bush Squirrel finds her tri-corder in the rugged terrain

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International Fan Club News

Sugar Bush Squirrel has fans across the world and thanks goes out to them for their devotion to Sugar Bush Squirrel and their help in making her an international success. 

Go to the Fan Page and get in on the fun from the beginning.  Sugar Bush Squirrel's  Motto is...

"Making the World a Better Place, One Nut at a Time". 

Sugar Bush represents old time values and doing good deeds.  These are things which most people have just plain forgotten about.  Sugar Bush Squirrel's Fans around the globe, are starting to play a part in bringing people together by doing things which will bring out the very best in human nature and make changes in the world, one nut at a time.  Sugar Bush believes that people are basically good, deep down, and she is determined to bring that goodness to the surface.  To remain a fan of hers in good standing you must do at least one good deed, for another human being or animal, EVERY DAY!  These good deeds will be posted on the Fan Page for all the world to see how thoughtful Sugar Bush's Fans are and how they are

'Making the world a better place, one nut at a time!'


Sugar Bush Squirrel is excited about her new Fan Clubs

snn the squirrel news network logo

SNN Squirrel News Network globe animation
Squirrel News Network number one news network for squirrels

sugarbush anchor desk

Sugar Bush Squirrel has joined 

SNN Squirrel News Network


Sugar Bush Squirrel, as anchor of the number one squirrel news station, will be keeping you informed with the latest up-to-the-minute breaking news stories and other tid bits of news, sports, and weather, as well as celebrity and human interest reports, as they come across her desk. 

Keep watching SNN Squirrel News Network to see

'who's been squirreled' in the news today!

To report a breaking news item, click below:


And now on with the news...  

Sugar Bush in Iraq during elections

Sugar Bush Squirrel says,

"I want to congratulate the people of Iraq whose officials, on August 28, 2005, finalized the draft for a permanent Constitution.   This draft was sent to public referendum on October 15, 2005.  On December 15th, a new Iraqi government election was held.  The Iraqi people are on their way, right on schedule, to becoming a free nation.  We, in the United States of America, are proud of you for your courage and perseverance! 

The terrorists are fighting this tooth and nail, but liberty and justice will prevail." 

Click on their images below to read these archived stories:

Michael Jackson, "I'm a free man!"

Britney Spears, 'Nut me baby, one more time!'


Michael Jackson's been squirreled Britney Spears' Sexy Stage Pose

Click on the images below to go to archived stories relating to

The Indy 500...Sugar Bush in Pole Position

Martha Stewart, The Big House Bytes

squirrel paws
Indy 500 Pole Position
Martha Stewart the Big House Bytes

Big Ben, London's landmark clock, stopped ticking at 10:20 p.m. for 90 minutes Friday night, baffling engineers.  There was speculation that a recent spell of hot weather may have been to blame and Friday night was extremely hot. 

SNN Squirrel News Network has finally solved the mystery of why Big Ben stopped ticking.  Here's the story: 

Sugar Bush Squirrel, the Superstar Squirrel & the World's Most Photographed Squirrel, made a stop-over in London on her way to Italy.  Having been offered the leading role in the remake of the famous movie, Ben Fur, Sugar Bush had to bow out of the Indy 500 pole position (for which she had just qualified) and immediately leave for Italy. 

She was seen climbing the side of the Big Ben Tower on the Big Ben Web Cam by some Internet viewers.  She entered a small portal in the top of the tower where she has a secret penthouse.  She immediately put on her lambie PJ's and nightcap, turned on her little fan (as it was extremely hot) and went to sleep in her brass bed.

At 10:07 p.m. she heard a loud noise and jumped up in the bed to see what it was.  The gears in the clock's works had caught her little fan and jerked it up off of the table and carried it around through the gears.  At 10:20 p.m. the fan jammed the gears and stopped the clock dead in its tracks!

Quite shaken, Sugar Bush started pulling and pulling at the fan to get it out of the gears, but it took her 90 minutes to finally pull it free, and the clock started ticking once again.

Sugar Bush Squirrel wants to apologize to the people of London for putting her little fan too close to Big Ben's gears and for causing alarm in the House of Commons.  She plans to renovate her penthouse later this summer and will be installing air conditioning.

Big Ben's Tower where Sugar Bush was staying overnight
Sugar Bush's fan gets jammed in the clock's gears


Tired of waiting for bounty hunters to find him, Sugar Bush Squirrel has decided to go undercover in the Middle East to hunt for the evil Osama bin Laden.  Bringing new meaning to the term 'Squirrel Hunting', Sugar Bush, armed with an all terrain vehicle, weapons and undercover attire, still plans to anchor the SNN news from undisclosed locations within Afghanistan. 

She was heard saying just last night, "If Geraldo can do it, I can, too.  While Geraldo's over there trying to dig up a story, I'm gonna be huntin' & diggin' up bin Laden's nuts.  And when I find them, I'll find him!!!" 

According to all of the 'chatter' on the Squirrel Wide Web, between Sugar Bush's network of underground squirrels and flying squirrels, she's expecting to find Osama in a spider hole or mountainous hideaway, somewhere in Pakistan along the Afghanistan border. 

Sugar Bush Squirrel said today that she 'will donate her 25 million dollar reward, upon his capture, to her favorite charities'.  We, at SNN, are proud of her determination, and will be checking in with her, as she searches high and low to bring the evil bin Laden to justice. 

We've been at war with terrorists since 1979!  Read more about that by clicking here (Military Hero Page) 


armed with an all terrain vehicle and undercover attire undercover searching for osama bin laden in Afghanistan

The Machine Gun's Ready, Sir! Sugar Bush is waitin' for the enemy

Sugar Bush goes undercover in Iraq to find al-Zarqawi

SNN News story leading up to al-Zarqawi's termination...

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, believed to have orchestrated a wave of car bombings, kidnappings, assassinations and beheadings across Iraq, had to jump out of a pick-up truck to escape Sugar Bush Squirrel and Special U.S. Forces.  He left behind a cache of supplies and weapons along with several key pieces of intelligence in a bag, including portable mini plug-in hard-drives, his laptop computer and phone numbers.  Under the 'My Pictures' folder in his laptop, Sugar Bush Squirrel found that it was full of photos and phone numbers.  He also left behind $100,000 dollars in Euro currency.  Al-Zarqawi is believed to have hidden under an overpass and escaped.  Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said, "I think he is on the run.  Life for a terrorist, extremist, is hard." 

In the photo to the left you will see Sugar Bush holding a photo of al-Zarqawi and the photo below shows the cache she and the Special Forces found.  Sugar Bush Squirrel will continue to stay undercover in Iraq and Afghanistan until Osama bin Laden and Abu Musab al-Zarqawi are both captured.  While al-Zarqawi is primarily 'operational', bin Laden is primarily 'inspirational', yet the evil duo has 25 million dollars riding on each of their heads!  The brave and undaunted, Sugar Bush Squirrel, plans to donate it all to her favorite charities when she captures them.

al Zarqawi's cache left behind

A major announcement from Sugar Bush herself...

"Due to such an overwhelming response to my web site, my staff is working overtime to get all of your ePal photos onto The ePal Pages.  (Little squirrels can only do so much.)  Please keep sending the emails and photos and we, at SNN and the Sugar Bush Squirrel Web Site, will do all we can to get it all done ASAP. 

All orders for stuffed animals will be shipped quickly and efficiently. 

I flew over with First Lady Laura Bush to Afghanistan a few months ago, searching for the evil Osama bin Laden I was able to keep in touch with my staff back in Florida and kept up with all of my ePals and Fans.  I was also able to continue surfing the Squirrel Wide Web for breaking news stories, as they happened, and managed to pass them on to you

And for all of you non-believers out there who swear that I'm taxidermied, I've decided to put some of my photos on my web site where I'm 'in action'.  Check the bottom of this homepage or check it out on the Fan Club Page to see me in Kung fu action shots! Also check out the live shots of me in Afghanistan and Iraq right here on this page.  No taxidermied squirrel could ever fight like I can...I'm tough, I'm brave, and I can take on the terrorists with the best of 'em!"


SNN exclusive shots just in from Iraq, of Sugar Bush Squirrel....

A photograper, embedded with US Troops in Iraq, captured these images of Sugar Bush riding along in her tank, leading her Sugar Bush Squirrel Tank Attack Team.  We, then, see her spotting enemy aircraft, aiming and opening fire.  We've been told that she was successful in bringing the enemy aircraft down, without casualties to her ground forces.  Sugar Bush was quoted as saying, "I felt as if I were caught between 'Iraq and a hard place' was either shoot or be shot!"

Sugar Bush riding along in her tank
Sugar Bush spots enemy aircraft
Sugar Bush starts to zero in on the aircraft
Sugar Bush opens fire on the enemy aircraft

Weather footage from Iraq...


Sugar Bush Squirrel wanted you to see what she's up against, over in the Middle East.  Here, at an undisclosed location in Iraq, she was overwhelmed by this giant sandstorm that approached quickly and turned day into night!  Sugar Bush said, "It was so dark I couldn't even find my nuts!" 

Trying to capture all of the evil terrorists and help to free Iraq is difficult, especially when the weather doesn't cooperate!  Nevertheless, Sugar Bush Squirrel is bound and determined to help bring the evil bin Laden to justice!  "I'm bringin' you down next, bin Laden," Sugar Bush was quoted as saying just after she dropped the bomb on al-Zarqawi.

Sugar Bush was key in giving information to the CIA and Pakistan as to the whereabouts of Al-Qaeda's #3 man, Abu Farraj al-Libbi, who was captured in Pakistan.  Sugar Bush was busy in Iraq at the time, where she and her Tank Attack Team were taking on enemy aircraft fire.  Upon hearing of his capture she said, "Nuts!!!  There went 1 million dollars I could have had to give to my charities and I'm stuck here in Iraq and missed it, but I'm glad my information helped them track him down and nab him!" 

Sugar Bush worked hand in hand with the CIA's most famous division, its clandestine service, and provided key details to Pakistani forces that eventually led to the pre-dawn raid and al-Libbi's capture........  You go, Squirrel!!!

Sandstorm in Iraq
Sandstorm in Iraq
Sandstorm in Iraq

News Flash...

News Flash...

A close call in Afghanistan today for Sugar Bush Squirrel as she was caught off guard while cleaning one of her rifles. The photographer, who has so bravely followed Sugar Bush on her mission to find the evil bin Laden, snapped these alarming photos as Sugar Bush took on a round of enemy gunshots.  Jumping out of the line of fire, Sugar Bush rolled backward, only to find that her rifle had jammed...

Cleaning rifle when she hears something Jumps sideways out of the line of fire falls backward to avoid getting hit

Sugar Bush Squirrel then bravely jumps up, grabs her other rifle, and begins to open fire on the enemy.  Finally safe, Sugar Bush lays low behind a hill, knowing it could happen all over again, at any moment.  Sugar Bush Squirrel was heard saying after this incident, "I must be gettin' close to Osama for his cronies to get me in their sites.  Yep, I must be sniffin' up his robes, 'cause a hit dog hollers!"

grabs her other rifle Starts firing back at the enemy finally safe behind the hill

Military update from SNN Squirrel News Network...

It is believed that Sugar Bush Squirrel may have wounded Abu Musab al-Zarqawi in this very attack when she picked up her other rifle and started shooting.  Middle East sources are reporting that al-Zarqawi is indeed wounded and we believe that he was hit by our own superhero, Sugar Bush Squirrel.  When she was bushwhacked, being the marksman she is, Sugar Bush retaliated with a bullet to his buttocks.  When asked if she thought that al-Zarqawi would be apprehended soon, she replied, "Absolutely!  It'll be easier for me to get him now because he'll be draggin' his butt."

It has now been verified through special autopsy results on al-Zarqawi that he was indeed shot in the buttocks by Sugar Bush Squirrel.  A few scars from her special little AK-47 rifle were revealed on his rear which proves he had to drag his butt around and wasn't able to get away this last time.  Thanks to Sugar Bush's aim and the spectacular undercover work of our military and intelligence network, he was restricted to recuperating in his safehouse just long enough for her to drop the bomb on him from her F-16.  You go, Squirrel!

I'll get him

SNN archived Iraq Report leading up to the termination of al-Zarqawi...

Sugar Bush Squirrel and US Forces nab 'key player' in Iraqi insurgency.

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's leader in Mosul is out of business.  Abu Talha, aka Mohammed Khalaf, has been captured by Sugar Bush Squirrel and US Forces.  Having served as al-Zarqawi's right hand man, he's also been known as 'the emir of Mosul' and has served as a key leader in the al-Qaida organization.

Sugar Bush Squirrel was quoted as saying, "I grabbed his nuts, to add to my cache, as US Forces were pulling him out of his hiding spot.  Look out al-Zarqawi. You're next!  Hide your nuts carefully, 'cause they're mine!"

This of course turns out to be true.  Read story of his termination at top of homepage.

Sugar Bush helps pull Abu Talha from his hiding hole

"Pray for our troops and all of our allied coalition forces around the globe.  Don't come back at me with some smart remark about prayer...I don't care 'to whom' you pray...

JUST DO IT," says Sugar Bush Squirrel!

Pray for the troops
Sugar Bush prays for the troops

The Red White and Blue Rock

Sugar Bush Squirrel's waitin' for the enemy

Click on one of the links below and watch a moving video that supports our troops.

(Here are multiple links to a really moving PPS video, in case one or the other of them doesn't work for you.)

Below are two of 18 photos of the bombing of Pearl Harbor which were taken by a man stationed there at the time.  He never published the photos and his family just released them.

Click on either of the 2 photos below to go to the Military Photos Page to see more of these never before seen photos.  Sugar Bush wants you to see them first.  She never forgets those who died for her country and you shouldn't either!

Pearl Harbor
Pearl Harbor

SNN Anchor, Sugar Bush Squirrel, has found that there used to be a severe drug problem in America and she has now discovered why.

Click on the hippy squirrel below to read why this drug situation was a positive thing...

hippy squirrel

SNN News from our Rome correspondent...

Upon seeing white smoke bellowing out of the chimney pipe atop the Sistine Chapel, it was announced that Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger of Germany (forever to be known as Pope Benedict XVI) had been chosen as the 265th Pope. 

 Pope Benedict XVI's inauguration mass in Saint Peter's Square was held Sunday, April 24, 2005.  

America was represented by Sugar Bush's own state's Governor, Jeb Bush.  Gov. Bush, of Florida, has a brother named George (our President) and Pope Benedict XVI also has a brother named Georg (spelled a little differently from W's).

Speaking in 4 languages, Pope Benedict XVI stepped into his place in history, on Sunday, for all the world to greet him and wish him well.



Pope Benedict XVI

News from Capitol Hill...

Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, the first woman appointed to the Supreme Court, announced today that she is retiring after 24 years on the bench.  The White House has refused to comment on any possible nominees, although rumors are scurrying around Capitol Hill that Sugar Bush Squirrel is definitely in the running to become the first squirrel to be nominated as a Supreme Justice.  When asked about this possibility, Sugar Bush said, "Although flattered, I am definitely too busy to accept such a powerful position at this time."

Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor retires

SNN Sports Headlines...

Tiger Woods' magic number must be 4.  After winning the Masters Golf Tournament last year for the 4th time, he has now, on January 29, 2006, become the first 4-time winner of the Buick Invitational!!!

And this just in... August 20, 2006.....

 Tiger has just won another PGA tournament....he just keeps on winning! 

Below he's 'been squirreled' as he lines up his putt...

Lines up putt

Hot off the press

Vernon Winfrey (Oprah's dad) and Kelly Foxton review the latest article on Sugar Bush Squirrel in the NewTimes.  Vernon loves Sugar Bush and always keeps up with her whereabouts and antics.

Oprah's dad Vernon Winfrey reads about Sugar Bush as Kelly looks on

Click on Vernon's photo above to read the article he's reading. 

The article was written by Julia Reischel and the photos were taken by Colby Katz.

Sun Online  May 13, 2005 Friday
The Sun Online Friday May 13, 2005

SNN's Roving Royalty Reporter says...

Prince Charles and Camilla tied the knot with a royal wedding April 9, 2005.  We, at the Squirrel News Network, received this advance viewing of the official royal portrait of the bride who has 'been squirreled' and is now known to the world as

Her Royal Highness

The Nutchess of Cornwall.

Sugar Bush Squirrel as HRH The Nutchess of Cornwall

Sporting her new designer hat, this photo was snapped of Sugar Bush Squirrel as she appeared at the Royal Wedding.  After receiving her invitation, where it stated that wearing hats was preferred, Sugar Bush flew from Afghanistan to Paris, where she picked up the hat she had designed by famous Italian designer, Valentinut.  He chose for her the hottest color this spring, apple green, and added elaborate feathers in flaming hues of gold, green and brown.  The apple green hat is made of the finest Italian Straw he could find with a ribbon to match.  If you look closely, you will see that she had Valentinut add two of Rio's lime green feathers. 

The rest of Sugar Bush's wardrobe consisted of a red taffeta dress, trimmed in matching green floral design, with a green ribbon sash.  Her bling-bling for the occasion was around her neck, in the form of her 'new for spring', lime green necklace, spelling out her name in diamonds. 

Without a doubt, Sugar Bush was the hit of the royal wedding and will, undoubtedly, be first on the 'must be invited list' of all high society affairs this year.

Sugar Bush's Hat at the Royal Wedding

Obituaries in the news...

Pope John Paul II was buried Friday April 8, 2005.  'The Peoples' Pope', as he was affectionately known, loved all living creatures, big and small. 

The world is a better place because he lived. 

Pope John Paul II

sugarbush as petra nemcova

Deadly Tsunami in Thailand...update...

Supermodel, Petra Nemcova held on to the top of a palm tree for 8 hours during the deadly tsunami in Asia.  Nemcova, 25, and Simon Atlee, 33, were in the Thai resort of Khao Lak on Dec. 26th, 2004, when one of the deadliest tsunamis in modern history hit and more than 200,000 people are believed to have died.

Petra suffered a shattered pelvis and internal injuries.  Nemcova says she still has nightmares about the experience. As the water swept her away, she moved toward a partially submerged palm tree and clung to it.  As she struggled to find support for her lower body in the tree branches she thinks she fell asleep or passed out twice. (see photos to the left) 

As the waves subsided, recovery efforts were chaotic.  Two Thai men eventually rescued her.  Nemcova said she admires the rescuers because they went to work despite not knowing the fates of their own families.  Petra was finally transported to a hospital.  She is now walking with crutches but is expected to make a full recovery.  Sadly, her boyfriend, Simon, was found deceased and formally identified on March 3, 2005.

The Czech beauty says she thinks about Simon everyday.  His favorite saying was, 'A day without laughter is a day wasted.'  He loved life and, in the moment, she says that she is living her life 'day by day.'

sugarbush during tsunami as petra

Sermon Squirrel

Welcome to the church of the Rev. Sugar Bush Squirrel, where 

Church is just a click away!

Click above or on the photo below, of her preaching at the pulpit, to go to the Sermon Squirrel page. 

Services will be updated regularly, so keep checking back for new and uplifting messages from the Reverend as she quotes some of the greatest minds on earth.  Send in your own 'life's little messages' to add to her sermon and become one of her congregation today.  Rev. Squirrel will never ask for money to keep her fellowship going, so everyone out there remember...

Church is just a click away!


Rev. Sugar Bush Squirrel gives her sermon

For more stories like the one below, just click on the eyes!

There was a blind girl who hated herself just because she was blind.  She hated everyone, except her loving boyfriend. He was always there for her. She said that if she could only see the world, she would marry her boyfriend.

One day, someone donated a pair of eyes to her and then she could see everything, including her boyfriend.  Her boyfriend asked her, "Now that you can see the world, will you marry me?" The girl was shocked when she saw that her boyfriend was blind, too, and refused to marry him.

Her boyfriend walked away in tears and later wrote a letter to her saying, "Just take good care of my eyes, dear."

Blind Faith Blind Faith

My favorite bumper stickers

"Here is my favorite 'bumper sticker'

and one of my favorite 'words of advice'..."


Favorite Bumper Sticker
Build a bridge and get over it!!!

I'm living la vida loca in Boca

Sugar Bush says, "I'm living 'la vida loca' in Boca!"

Sugar Bush Squirrel at Home You've Been Squirreled


'you've been squirreled'

by Sugar Bush

Click on Sugar Bush in her red sports car to vote for

'Who'll Be Squirreled Next'

Who'll be squirreled next?

"Hey, check out my Patriotic New York Table Tennis Team!  They practice every Thursday night in New York City.  We need your help...Click on the Little Table Tennis animations to go to my Table Tennis page and send us your suggestions for our team.  We need a name, colors, a logo, uniforms, new paddles in those uniform colors, etc.  Let me know your thoughts and ideas.  I'll send out free prizes for any of your ideas we use!  We can all follow my Table Tennis Team as they morph into a Team to Fear!"

Check out my Table Tennis Team below
My New York Thursday Night Tennis Team
Go to my Table Tennis Team Page

If you want to live your life,

You gotta drive the train!

Click on Sugar Bush as a Train Engineer

to read about the 'Train of Life' on the 'Squirrel Bytes' page

Check out these other pages and photos and keep watching for new shots of the one and only

Sugar Bush Squirrel® 

Sugar Bush as a Biker with stud vest & bandana
Motorcycle Cop Sugar Bush

june bride put prayer back in schools Ground Zero Rescue and Recovery Trombone Virtuoso

Sugar Bush Squirrel is hard at work in her design studio working on her newest creations for her Bushy Tail Boutique.  She wants to make sure that all of these designs for her stuffed animal's clothing line are perfect in every way!  She is in the process of making the final gnawlterations on the fashions for her new line.  Wait till you see them... they are fabulous!

In addition to clothes, look for bling-bling such as the cute necklace you see, around her neck, which spells out 'Supermodel'.  She also has other necklaces & bracelets in the planning with 'Superstar', 'Sugar Bush', and assorted beads, pearls and other surprises! 

Sugar Bush says,

"The Bushy Tail Boutique is now open and new outfits & accessories will be added regularly.  Keep checking back for new and exciting things!!!"

Sugar Bush in her design studio
Sugar Bush in her design studio for the Bushy Tail Boutique

And now for all of you non-believers out there, who think I'm taxidermied...

Here I am, in action, demonstrating a Kung fu kick, as I prepared to go to Afghanistan in search of

the evil Osama bin Laden...

Kung Fu Kick demonstration Leap Up

Sugar Bush Squirrel gets ready

to demonstrate a Kung fu kick...

Leap up...    

Hand down, Tail up, kick Take a bow!

    Hand down,   tail up,    kick...
Take a Bow     

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