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The Card Shoppe

Customize your own variety box of

Sugar Bush SquirrelR Notecards

Pick 8 or more cards to make your own variety boxed set.  Through Paypal, just click the 'shopping cart' by each card you want and review and revise your order by clicking the 'view cart' at the bottom of the page. Pay easily with paypal!!!

Another way to put together your box is to make a list of which cards you would like in your variety box and send that list along with a personal check, money order or cashier's check. 

Email us for payment information at


Your total would be $1.00 per card (Secret SentimentTM cards are $2.00 each) plus $5.75 S & H inside the continental US.  (8 card minimum)

Outside of the USA, add $12.75 for postage from the USA to other countries.

Each notecard is 4 1/4 X 5 1/2, with envelopes.  Card color varies between white and off-white to compliment the design.  They have the photo & sentiment on the front and all of the cards are blank on the inside.  You can choose different cards or a box where all of the cards are alike.

Any Combination!!!  

They will be boxed in a white stationery card box with a clear viewable lid and decorated with a gold or silver band and small matching floral decor inside the box. 

Remember that a boxed set consists of at least 8 cards and up to as many as you would like.  When it exceeds the amount a box will hold they will be put into a second box. 

The regular notecards are only $1.00 each and shipping and handling is only $5.75 (inside the continental US).

NOTE that Secret SentimentTM cards are $2.00 each but can be mixed and matched with regular cards in any combination!

Be sure to check back often as we will be adding additional notecards quite frequently. 

Companies, wishing to put Sugar Bush SquirrelR Cards in their place of business, please contact us at for details.


We are in the process of adding additional cards and have divided them into 6 Collections for your convenience.  Construction on this page will take some time so please keep checking back.  Thanks!!!


The Holiday


bling bling pearl bracelet and pink valentine dress

Be My Valentine

happy Easter bunny basket with ears

Sugar Bush Squirrel wishes you a

Happy Easter

golf bag golf sweater and hat clubs and 18th hole with flag

Sugar Bush Squirrel wishes you a

Happy Father's Day

From the 18th Hole

black witch's hat and cauldron

Sugar Bush Squirrel

says "Boo"

Stirring up Trouble

Sugar Bush Squirrel is

Stirring up Trouble

on Halloween

In Hot Water

Sugar Bush Squirrel's

  In Hot Water

  On Halloween

thanksgiving close up pilgrim hat and coat

Happy Thanksgiving

from Sugar Bush Squirrel

santa claus close up snowflakes and red suit white fur trim

Season's Greetings

Happy Kwanzaa

Happy Kwanzaa

Happy Easter from Easter Island

Happy Easter from Easter Island

Happy Mothers' Day

Happy Mothers' Day

Special Occasions

The Special Occasion Collection

happy birthday clown cake and balloons

Sugar Bush Squirrel

wishes you a

Happy Birthday

genie magic lamp carpet birthday

Sugar Bush Squirrel wishes you a

Magical Birthday!

white bridal gown with bouquet and bells

A Gift for the

Beautiful Bride

tuxedo groom with black tie silver frame

A Gift for the

Handsome Groom

new baby girl in high chair bonnet and bottle

Congratulations on your

New Baby Girl


The Greeting Card


blue sweater I'm sorry

            "I'm Sorry!"

get well nurse white dress and hat

Sugar Bush Squirrel says,

"Get Well Soon!"

wishing well sunflower hat dress flower and barn

Sugar Bush Squirrel is

Wishing You Well!

log house with fur lining thank you so very much

Thank you so very much!!!

bow tie white shirt I love you this much

I Love You This Much!!!


The Superstar


Biker Close up

Biker Close-up



Dubya in the Oval Office

Dubya in

   The Oval Office

The Smokin' Skillet

Sugar Bush Squirrel

The Smokin' Skillet

Squirrelduggery the Pirate Aaaarrrrggghhh!


the Pirate...Aarrgh!!!

Black Jack Dealer

Black Jack Dealer

Sugar Bush Squirrel as the Statue of Liberty

Sugar Bush Squirrel as

 the Statue of Liberty

Sugar Bush Squirrel turns the table on Squirrel Hunting

Sugar Bush Squirrel turns the tables

on Squirrel Hunting


Sugar Bush Squirrel as Albert Einstein

"Gnawledge is my middle name"

Quetzsquirrelcoatl & the Mayan Calendar

Quetzsquirrelcoatl & the Mayan Calendar



The squirrel who can see tomorrow

Princess Kiko & Japanese Heir

Princess Kiko &

The Japanese Heir

Skateboarding  Whazzup

Sugar Bush Squirrel Skateboarding


Alex Tree-bek of Jeopardy

Sugar Bush Squirrel as Alex Tree-bek

of Jeopardy

Joe the Plumber

Sugar Bush Squirrel as Joe the Plumber

"Looks like somebody's been spreadin' something around besides the wealth!"

Military Cards

The Military


The Secret SentimentTM Collection

The Secret SentimentTM Collection

  The Secret SentimentTM Collection


For the first time anywhere, a new concept in greeting cards

Sugar Bush Squirrel's Secret SentimentTM Collection offers a wide range of 3 dimensional photo greeting cards that 'lock' together to hide your Secret SentimentTM for the other person (so outsiders can't easily read it) until it is opened by the recipient! 

"I've locked away what I want to say,

On this, a Special Occasion.

Now no one can read my Secret Sentiment,

Till it reaches its destination."

At an unbelievable price of $2.00 each, they can be mixed and matched in any combination...even with the regular Sugar Bush notecards.  (please at least 8 to a box)...any combination. Below are the Secret SentimentTM cards available at this time...just click on the gold paypal bar to the right of each card to add them to your cart: 



(Red Bandana)

Italian Suit

Italian Suit

(Watch Chain)

Jamaican me crazy

Jamaican Me Crazy!!!

(Dreadlock with Beads)

Santa's Tail

Season's Greetings

(Santa's Tail)

Kung fu

Kung fu Fighter

(Black Belt)

Between Iraq & a Hard Place

Between Iraq and a Hard Place


Searching for Osama

Undercover Searching for Osama bin Laden


A Note Just for You

A Note Just for You

(Black Music Note)

Happy 4th

Happy 4th of July

(Red Satin Bow Tie)



('Love' Charm & Navy Tie)

 Sailor Love

Sailor Love

(with the same navy tie as above and same 'love' charm)

Forest Stump

Forest Stump

(Plaid Bow Tie)

Thank you so very much

Thank you so very much!!!

(Bow with 'Thank You' Charm)

More Cards Coming